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What's weather in the Ha Giang Loop

Updated: May 8

Are you planning your trip to Ha Giang and wondering what the weather's going to be like? Thank you for visiting the Bong post:" What's weather in the Ha Giang Loop"

It would be wonderful if the weather in the Ha Giang loop in our article below provides useful information for you. Ha Giang loop, with its extensive mountainous terrain spanning 4 highland districts: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, makes it difficult to accurately predict the weather here. However, knowing basic weather information for each month will help you prepare better for the loop: packing your backpack, clothing...

Nho que river
Nho que river

Weather in the Ha Giang loop

  • March, April, May: The weather in Ha Giang during this time is transitioning from winter to summer, so the weather is quite pleasant. In March and April, temperatures range from 18-30 degrees, with little rain and clear skies. In May, the weather in Hà Giang becomes hotter, with temperatures ranging from 30-35 degrees, but there is not much rain.

  • June, July, August (rainy season): The temperatures during these months are the highest of the year, ranging from 33-40 degrees, with more rain, usually quick showers (without fog), but often occurring a few days after a period of intense heat. You should prepare with sunscreen and plenty of water.

  • September, October, November: This is the most beautiful time of the year, with cool and pleasant weather, not too hot, clear skies, and little rain. This is also the season famous for the buckwheat flower fields, planted throughout the loop's routes.

  • December, January, February: Winter season, with temperatures ranging from 1-18 degrees, cold, with fog and drizzle. You should prepare warm clothes for these cold winter days.

Based on this weather information, you can know what to prepare for your upcoming loop trip, detailed information at: "Ha Giang loop packing list"

Bong group tour
Bong group tour

When should you do the Ha Giang loop?

Ha Giang has its own beauty in each season, despite the harsh weather conditions, which creates a captivating Ha Giang - mysterious in the dry season and magnificent in the rainy season - a dream destination for thousands of tourists when visiting Ha Giang.

The beauty of Ha Giang is not only the attraction for many backpackers but also the people here: friendly, rustic, preserving the cultural traits of many ethnic groups in the mountainous region.

Bong group tour
Bong group tour

Weather forecast in Ha Giang is not 100% accurate, varies from region to region

Something else to note is that because of Ha Giang’s unpredictable weather patterns it’s best not to rely on weather apps for information. Just be prepared for sudden changes in weather from unexpected rain showers to bouts of sunshine all year round.

A popular activity nowadays is the Ha Giang loop tour, group tours with guides and local drivers. Bong Ha Giang hostel provides all-inclusive Hà Giang loop tour packages, where you will embark on the loop with new friends from all over the world, accompanied by cheerful and friendly local drivers of Hà Giang."

Weather is an important aspect to consider on any trip. However, tours run all year round and the amazing views are still there come rain or shine, making for an amazing experience no matter the weather.

Motorbike group tour
Motorbike group tour



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