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Most Scenic Locations on the Ha Giang Loop

Updated: 6 days ago

Whilst pretty much every moment of your Ha Giang Loop tour with Bong Hostel will be filled with incredible scenery, there are some spots that really stand out! Read on for our round up of the most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop.

One of the Most Scenic Locations on the Ha Giang Loop

What Can I Expect to See on the Ha Giang Loop?

Scenes on the Ha Giang Loop tour seem as though they are straight out of a postcard. And no, we’re not exaggerating! 

In a breathtaking world of hairpin bends and trusty local guides, the landscape on the Ha Giang Loop ranges from towering mountain peaks and deep, cavernous valleys, filled with terraced rice fields and local villages, to cultural landmarks and cascading waterfalls. 

That’s right—it's not all smiling easy-riders, karaoke scenes, and groups of happy foreigners chanting ‘Mot Hai Ba Zo’ with the Bong Hostel drivers!

For more information about the Ha Giang Loop, click here: What is the Ha Giang Loop? Exploring Vietnam's Famous Motorbike Route.

Smiling easy riders at one of the most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop.

What are the Main Towns on the Ha Giang Loop?

Typically, the Ha Giang Loop 4 days 3 nights tour with Bong Hostel passes through the following locations:

  • Quan Ba: a beautiful town with villages, passed through on the first day.

  • Yen Minh: this is where you will spend your first night.

  • Lung Cu: the northernmost point of Vietnam.

  • Dong Van: this is where you will have lunch on the second day.

  • Meo Vac: look out for the sign in the valley as you enter this town. 

  • Du Gia: the location of the last evening and scenic waterfall.

On the Ha Giang Loop 3 days 2 nights tour you will not be staying the last night in Du Gia. Apart from this, the majority of the tour will be relatively the same!

What are the Most Scenic Locations on the Ha Giang Loop?

So you know what to expect from the scenery and you know where you’re going; now it's time to hear all about the most scenic locations along the way!

Quan Ba Heaven Gate and Twin Mountains

Quan Ba Heaven Gate is your first taste of the dramatic landscapes Ha Giang has to offer. Situated at an elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level, it marks the entrance to the mountainous regions of the Quan Ba province. Located approximately 43 kilometers north of Ha Giang city and around 3 kilometers from Tam Son Town (your lunch spot), this site offers panoramic views that will leave your jaws on the Ha Giang Loop floors. 

From the Heaven Gate, you can see the famous Twin Mountains, also known as Fairy Bosom, which are two symmetrical hills shrouded in mystery—and perhaps a little cloud at times. This area is not just about the views; it's also home to various rural villages, where you can see children playing and women working on the land.

Quan Ba Heaven's Gate and Twin Mountain are some of the most scenic locations on the ha giang loop

Tham Ma Pass

So you made it through your first night of happy water and karaoke with our fun-loving Bong Hostel drivers—congratulations! While you nurse that hangover—safe and sound on the back of your easy-driver’s motorbike—you can sit back and relax, ready for another day of some of the most scenic views in the world! And first up is the Tham Ma Pass. 

Yeah, you know that view of the snaking road on everyone’s instagram stories and the viral tiktok videos that come up when you search Ha Giang Loop? Well this is it!

Be prepared for steep slopes and tight curves, making it a thrilling part of the Ha Giang Loop. The views from the top are nothing short of spectacular, with lush green fields and peaks as far as the eye can see. It's a visual masterpiece that epitomises the beauty of northern Vietnam.

Tham ma pass: One of the most scenic locations on the ha giang loop

Lung Cu Flag Tower

After Tham Ma Pass you will head straight for Vietnam’s northernmost point and the Lung Cu Flag Tower. But what’s so special about a tower, you ask? Well, after climbing all 5,000 steps (it isn't 5,000 steps, we exaggerate, but sometimes 500 and 5,000 feels same-same you know) you will find out! 

At the top of the Lung Cu Flag Tower prepared to be rewarded with views that feel like they stretch all the way back to Ha Giang. The views even extend over into neighbouring China. 

If the views weren’t enough, the tower holds cultural importance to the people of Vietnam as it is a symbol of Vietnamese pride and resilience. The flag swinging from the tower covers 54 square metres, which refers to the unity of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups—another symbolic gesture.

Lung Cu Flag Tower: one of the most scenic locations on the ha giang loop

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Arguably the most beautiful pass in Vietnam, the Ma Pi Leng Pass is a highlight of the Ha Giang Loop. This dramatic pass, with its rugged beauty, stretches for about 20 kilometres giving you plenty of time to snap some pictures and videos of the Nho Que River and the Tu San Canyon below. 

Sky Path

The Sky Path is situated along “The Happiness Road” of the Ma Pi Leng Pass and gives you a chance to hop off the motorbike and stretch your legs!

Why is this one of the most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop though? It's just so unusual and allows you to get up close and personal with the landscape—and take a famous 'ledge' photo.

At 1,600 metres above sea level, the Sky Path is an exhilarating trek along the edge of the mountains, providing breathtaking views of the Ma Pi Leng Pass and the Nho Que River below.

This path is not for the faint-hearted, but we think you have what it takes! And those who do brave it are rewarded with some of the most stunning scenery in Ha Giang.

Group gathered on one of the most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop

Nho Que River and Tu San Canyon

You thought you had seen stunning, turquoise waters, but you haven’t seen anything until you feast your eyes on the Nho Que River flowing through the Tu San Canyon—we promise!

Whilst we teased you with views from above the day before, the third day is when you will actually get to take a scenic boat ride on the river and experience its beauty up close. From this angle you can fully appreciate the grandeur of the canyon's steep cliffs and serene waters.

After the continuous mechanical hum of the motorbike, the gentle tune of the river is a little more peaceful and gives you plenty of chances to relax!

Nho Que River and Tu San Canyon: most scenic locations on the ha giang loop

Du Gia Waterfall

It’s your last day! Now we know you’re heartbroken that your time on the Bong Hostel Ha Giang Loop tour is coming to an end but don’t worry we still have one last treat for you! Tucked away in a sleepy village, in Du Gia is our last most scenic location on the Ha Giang Loop—the Du Gia Waterfall. 

After parking up and taking a small walk—passing all the adorable children that come to play here—you will come across the waterfall, which tumbles down dramatically into a clear pool.

We hope you brought your swim wear because this is the perfect spot for a refreshing dip. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation that’s so vibrant and green and there is also a small store selling tea and coffee, where you can also rent towels!

Du Gia is one of the most scenic locations on the ha giang loop

Full Disclosure about the Most Scenic Locations

With the intention of making your Ha Giang Loop experience as amazing as possible your tour leader will carve his own path through the mountainous world of Northern Vietnam. That means that you might not visit all the spots on this list

If your leader thinks you might have a better experience at a secluded local river, reached by a bamboo raft, sunbathing and jumping into cool natural swimming pools, rather than queuing with other loop-goers at one of the more touristy spots, then that’s where they’ll take you!

But don’t worry, they’ll always give you the choice first!

There’s also a chance that the weather might not have your best interests at heart, making a trip to a waterfall a little undesirable. But while the weather might let you down, we never will! We'll always make up for it with other ways to enjoy the most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop!

For more information about the weather, click here: Rain or Shine: Your Guide to Ha Giang Loop Weather.

secluded bamboo raft is one of the most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop thats off-the-beaten-path

Our Thoughts about Ha Giang's Most Scenic Locations

So here you have it; our round up of the best and most scenic locations on the Ha Giang Loop tour with Bong Hostel! And if you need more of a reason to do the loop tour with our hostel read our recent article for further insights

Or if you like what you’ve read and want to book your Ha Giang Loop adventure with Bong Hostel, then you can click the link. We look forward to welcoming you!

Don't just dream about it—make it happen with Bong Hostel!

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