Let's meet our motorbikes

Choose from one of four motorbike options for your trip through the Ha Giang loop. All motorbikes are properly cleaned and maintained to make riding comfortable, safe and easy. Included with your motorbike purchase are various amenities listed below.

180.000 VND per day

350.000 VND per day

550.000 VND per day

We also have a Honda Vision 110cc (automatic motorbike) on request. The Honda Vision is 250.000 VND per day. All prices are without insurance. 

  • Motorbike lesson (if needed)

  • Assistance if you have an accident

  • Protective gear

  • Rain cover for your backpack

  • Road map for the Ha Giang tour

  • Motorbike insurance. Of course you can purchase insurance with us. The price varies.

  • Poncho, rain pants and waterproof shoe covers. You can buy it at the hostel for 30.000 VND for the poncho and 15.000 VND for the shoe covers.

  • Guided tour. 

What's included?

What's excluded?