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What to pack for the Ha Giang loop

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Ha Giang loop by motorbike, that sounds like an exciting adventure ahead! To ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip on the Ha Giang loop by motorbike. On this page we’ll guide you on all the essentials to pack so make sure you’re ready and prepared for your Ha Giang Loop adventure with our checklist

Planning to embark on the Ha Giang Loop adventure? Here's a list of essential items you should bring with you:

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

Protecting yourself from the sun is vital. You’ll have the sun beating down on you for hours and its easy to bun in the Vietnamese sun.

So, pack a high SPF sunscreen. And a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and dust is also a must.

  • Pack suitable clothing

You’ll be riding in dusty terrain so maybe leave the white t-shirt unless you want it to come back a different color.

In the winter months it can reach lows of 3°C so be sure to wear warm clothes and wind protection.

A waterproof pair of shoes would also be helpful if it gets muddy.

  • Driver's license (an international driver's license is recommended)

International Motorbike Driver’s License (recommended) – due to the increased police presence in Ha Giang it is recommended that you have an International License if you are self-riding in the tour group. Without one, you can still self-ride on the tour however please be aware there may be police stops checking for this.

  • Bug Spray

Ha Giang is known for its mosquitos especially during the rainy season so don’t forget a bug spray, preferably with DEET if possible.

  • A small bag

You don’t want to be lugging your massive backpack all throughout the loop. So, bring a smaller bag to carry four days’ worth of clothes and essentials. But if you don’t have one that’s fine you can borrow one from us at Bong Hostel for free.

  • Cash

It can be hard to find an ATM during the loop so it’s always good to have a bit of cash on you for a couple beers or to buy some local products.

  • Passport picture

You’ll need a photo of your passport to check into homestays throughout the loop.

Phone connection

​ Make sure your phone is charged and has data throughout your Ha Giang Journey if you’re doing the tour on your own. There are also multiple points along the loop with no connection so downloading an offline map would also be helpful with navigation.

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