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What's the weather like in Ha Giang?

Planning your trip to Ha Giang and wondering what the weather's going to be like?

Ha Giang is a mountainous area. Therefore you should always be prepared for sudden weather changes.

Temperature in the Ha Giang loop

​Ha Giang is located in the northern region of Vietnam and has four seasons. In wintertime temperatures can drop to 0°C, but can rise to 38°C during the summer. So keep that in mind when packing your bag(s).​

  • Winter: December, January, February (2°C - 14°C)

  • Spring: March, April, May

  • Summer: June, July, August (28°C - 38°C)

  • Autumn: September, October, November.

  • Ha Giang’s summer is From June to August. With temperatures that can rise to 38°C, be prepared for the intense heat while riding through the loop.

  • However, this is also the rainy season, so bouts of intense rainfall are common. Whilst rainfall is more common during these months, its usually only happens at night or in the evenings leaving the days relatively rain free perfect for exploration.

  • September to November is the Autumn season so expect calmer climates with less rain and a more temperate environment – not too hot not too cold.

  • December to February are the winter months where temperatures can drop to 0°C so be prepared and pack warm clothes.

  • March to May is the Spring season so has a similar climate to the Autumn season – more comfortable temperatures with the chance of sun as well as rain.

Weather forecast in Ha Giang is not 100% accurate, varies from region to region

Most of the journey will be completed on fully paved roads however, some of the roads are still under construction and heavy rainfall can lead to wet and on occasion muddy roads. This could make riding a motorbike slightly more difficult but with our free motorbike lessons and by exercising caution you’ll be fine.

Something else to note is that because of Ha Giang’s unpredictable weather patterns it’s best not to rely on weather apps for information. Just be prepared for sudden changes in weather from unexpected rain showers to bouts of sunshine all year round.

Weather is an important aspect to consider on any trip. However, tours run all year round and the amazing views are still there come rain or shine, making for an amazing experience no matter the weather.

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